Network Collaborator Request

The Network Collaborator Request is designed to connect you with one or more partner networks or Collaborative Research Groups (CRGs) to collaborate on study planning and implementation, including site identification for recruitment/enrollment, investigator expertise, and patient/participant engagement expertise.

The Submission and Review Process

Before submitting a request, it is important to understand what type of Network Collaboration you are seeking. Consider the details of your request and your short- and long-term needs. Do you need investigator expertise for proposal or site budget development? Are you interested in identifying sites and investigators to participate in your study? When submitting the PCORnet Front Door Request Form, you will be asked to also complete a PCORnet Informational Slide Presentation providing details of your project and collaboration needs.

Image detailing the PCORnet Network Collaborator Request process: Requestor, Front Door, Collaborative Research Groups, Partner Networks, Front Door, and Requestor.
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Following an administrative review by the Front Door, your request will be shared with applicable partner networks and CRGs. Responses from interested collaborators will be provided after two weeks to initiate conversations. Use the downloadable Informational Slide Template and Request Form Template to preview the Front Door request questions and compile your information ahead of time.

Network Collaborator Request FAQs

What can I do to enhance PCORnet interest and response to my Network Collaborator Request?

Multiple strategies will increase PCORnet interest and response to your Network Collaborator Request.

  • When submitting your request, provide as much detail as possible, describing the type of collaboration you are seeking and the areas in which you are seeking collaboration.
  • Specifically include short-term needs, e.g., proposal or site budget development, or letter of support.
  • Provide the completed PCORnet Informational Slide Template and attach any other supporting documentation, e.g., proposed methods, study concept, letter of intent, protocol synopsis, or draft site budget with your request or as soon as possible after submitting your request to the PCORnet Front Door.
  • Conducting an informational webinar to address questions has also been shown to increase response rates. Notify the Front Door if interested in conducting an informational webinar.
Last updated on March 6, 2018