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Through the PCORnet Front Door, we invite potential investigators, patient groups, healthcare organizations, clinicians and clinician groups, government, industry scientists, and sponsors to leverage PCORnet’s unique infrastructure and collaborate on patient-centered clinical research. The Front Door is currently accepting requests for Study Feasibility Review, Data Network Queries, and/or Network Collaborators. Before submitting a request, it is important to familiarize yourself with how PCORnet can assist with developing, planning, and implementing your study.

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Study Feasibility Review

Submit your proposal/study concepts to the PCORnet Coordinating Center, prior to submitting for funding opportunities, to assess if your study is well-suited for PCORnet resources and infrastructure.


Data Network Request

Request access to the PCORnet Distributed Research Network Operations Center (DRN OC) to obtain aggregated results for informing research project development.


Network Collaborator Request

Connect with PCORnet investigators to collaborate on study planning and implementation and leverage PCORnet patient/participant expertise.



What is the Front Door?

The Front Door is the access point for potential investigators, patient groups, health systems, and sponsors to reach PCORnet resources and infrastructure. It is managed by the PCORnet Coordinating Center and provides a systematic, transparent, and efficient approach for research partners to engage in opportunities and data assets within the Network. Front Door administrators work in collaboration with the DRN OC and the PCORnet Research Committee to facilitate an efficient review process for all requests.

Listen to an overview of PCORnet, its demonstration studies, and how it leverages a distributed research network system, a common data model, and SMART IRB in this NIH Collaboratory Grand Rounds Presentation: Accessing PCORnet’s Data and Network Resources.

Who can use the Front Door to access PCORnet’s resources?

The Front Door is intended to be used by potential investigators, patient groups, healthcare organizations, clinicians and clinician groups, government, industry scientists, and sponsors for the conduct of more efficient clinical research.

How do I access the Front Door?

You can access PCORnet’s Front Door at From here, you can submit a request for Study Feasibility Review, Data Network Queries, Network Collaborators, and/or PCORnet Study Designation.

What Does the Front Door Cost?

The PCORnet Research Committee and Coordinating Center strongly encourage all proposals be reviewed to assess suitability for the PCORnet infrastructure and estimated cost prior to submission to a prospective funding organization.  The Coordinating Center will work with requestors to prepare a cost assessment for use of any PCORnet resources and/or services.

Who can I contact for more information?

For general questions or to submit a request for information or consultation, contact us at [email protected].

Last updated on August 9, 2018