Building Trustworthiness


In clinical research, we often ask: “Why don’t they trust us?” This puts the burden on the patient/participant. Instead, the question is: “How are we trustworthy?” To help us answer this question, PCORnet organizes dynamic forums to foster critical dialogue about ethics, trust, and engagement, not just for PCORnet, but for clinical research overall. Find out what inspired us to host the inaugural Building Trustworthiness in PCORnet event:

  • Blog Post:  People-Powered Research Begins with Trust.  Authored by Sharon Terry, MA, Co-Principal Investigator, PCORnet Coordinating Center and Principal Investigator, Community-Engaged Network for All (CENA).

At each Building Trustworthiness in PCORnet forum, presenters catalyze a broad and rich discussion by listening deeply to communities (the experts in this topic) and examining examples of trust from inside and outside of health. Presenters foster meaningful discussions through provocative presentations and engagement of attendees so that PCORnet and key stakeholders come away with a better understanding of what we seek to learn and what we have to give to improve clinical research.

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Past Events:

September 16, 2016: PCORnet Building Trustworthiness Public Webinar

March 28-29, 2016: PCORnet Building Trustworthiness Workshop

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Last updated on October 17, 2016