PCORnet Coordinating Center

The PCORnet Coordinating Center (CC) leads the Network’s data and engagement activities, connects with outside research partners, and supports the PCORnet infrastructure.  Responsibilities of the Coordinating Center include:

  • Coordinating PCORnet’s operational activities
  • Designing, enhancing, and maintaining the PCORnet data infrastructure
  • Identifying research opportunities and implementing PCORnet-wide research
  • Supporting PCORnet pre-research, observational studies, and interventional multi-site research studies
  • Developing new products and services, and implementing engagement and network-building services
  • Communicating with CDRN and PPRN partner networks on an individual and group basis to generate collaboration, co-production, and efficiency

Image detailing the PCORnet Coordinating Center structure: Interventional Research, Observational Research, Health Services Research, and Patient-powered Research. At the center is: Duke Clinical Research Institute, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, and Genetic Alliance. The Coordinating Center is a partnership between PCORI and several organizations with expertise developing infrastructure to support the creation of a National Evidence Development System. These partners have collaborated to create and manage large, complex research networks leveraging rich community engagement as well as electronic health data to support interventional, observational, patient-powered, and health services research.  Participating Coordinating Center organizations are:

Adrian Hernandez, MD, MHS, Richard Platt, MD, MSc, and Sharon Terry, MA are all co-Principal Investigators of the PCORnet Coordinating Center. In addition to their work for the PCORnet Coordinating Center, Adrian Hernandez is an Associate Professor of Medicine, Cardiology with Duke University School of Medicine and Director of Health Services and Outcomes Research for Duke Clinical Research Institute; Richard Platt is a Professor and Chair of the Harvard Medical School, Department of Population Medicine and Executive Director of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute; and Sharon Terry, is the President and CEO of Genetic Alliance, Principal Investigator for Community-Engaged Network for All (CENA), parent, and citizen scientist.

PCORnet Distributed Research Network Operations Center

The Coordinating Center oversees the PCORnet Distributed Research Network Operations Center (DRN OC), which is led by Drs. Lesley Curtis, Keith Marsolo, and Jeffrey Brown. The main goal of the DRN OC is to operate, enhance, and maintain the PCORnet Distributed Research Network, which oversees data transformation to the Common Data Model, data quality assessment and remediation, query fulfillment, data science, and facilitation of multi-site patient centered research across the CDRNs, PPRNs, and other interested contributors.

The distributed research network enables the conduct of observational research and clinical trials while allowing each participating organization to maintain physical and operational control over its data.

PCORnet Program Management Office

The PCORnet Program Management Office (PMO) sits at Duke Clinical Research Institute within the PCORnet Coordinating Center. The PMO, led by Lauren Cohen of Duke Clinical Research Institute, provides central coordination, oversees all PCORnet operational activities, and oversees implementation of PCORnet research. Among the activities supported by the PMO are:

  • Coordination of all internal and external communication platforms
  • PCORnet leadership support, including PCORnet committee support and coordination
  • PCORnet infrastructure support, including efforts related to single IRB and quality improvement reporting
  • Proposal and project support
  • Meeting planning and logistics
  • Technical assistance for the partner networks, including cross-network support of learning

The PMO welcomes questions and comments any time; please contact them at [email protected].

PCORnet Front Door

The PCORnet Coordinating Center is home to the Front Door which is the main access point for potential investigators, patient groups, health systems, and funders to reach the PCORnet infrastructure. The Front Door, led by Dr. Adrian Hernandez, provides a systematic, transparent, and efficient approach for research partners to engage in opportunities and data assets within the Network. It works in collaboration with the DRN OC and the PCORnet Research Committee to facilitate an efficient review process of all requests.

The Front Door is currently accepting requests for Study Feasibility Review, Data Network Queries, Network Collaborators, and PCORnet Study Designation.

PCORnet Commons

The PCORnet Commons is a public website fostering connection, communication, engagement and learning among people involved in clinical research. The site was created collaboratively with insight and feedback from across the PCORnet community and provides opportunities to increase collaboration, efficiency, and people-centeredness in clinical research. On the PCORnet Commons, you can share and access resources, engage in dialogue, and connect with colleagues and friends.

Last updated on February 13, 2018