PCORnet Obesity Studies to Present Findings at ObesityWeek 2018

The more we learn about obesity, the more we realize how complex and multifaceted the disease is. That’s why ObesityWeek 2018, taking place November 11-15 is an important meeting. Results of two PCORnet studies will be shared at this annual gathering of experts in obesity research.

David Arterburn, principal investigator for the PCORnet Bariatric Study and senior investigator at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, will present new insights from the Bariatric Study team that will guide patients to best-fit treatment options for their unique circumstances. In a talk titled, “The Kindest Cut — Is RYGB Still the Gold Standard?” Arterburn will discuss the results of this head-to-head comparison of three common surgeries for the treatment of obesity: Roux-en-Y bypass, which is currently the most popular, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric banding.

The Bariatric Study team will also have posters highlighting other key aspects of the study. One will focus on diabetes outcomes and another on long-term safety.

The research team that conducted the PCORnet Antibiotics and Childhood Growth Study will present a poster entitled “Early Life Antibiotic Use and BMI-Z at 10 Years.” It will share key elements of their study, the largest to date to explore the possible link between antibiotic use in infancy and toddler years and weight gain in later childhood.

Want to learn more about the latest PCORnet contributions to obesity research? Check out these two recent blog posts on the PCORnet Bariatric Study and the Antibiotics and Childhood Growth Study. Can’t make it in person to ObesityWeek? Be sure to follow #OW2018 and join in the conversation!